Our team

Founder Team

We are committed to driving innovation, delivering high-quality solutions, and supporting our customers in optimising their supply chain operations.

Marco Hentschel

Managing Director

Marco is the ideator and founder of Survey Compass. A decade ago he implemented the idea for a software which will help to ensure a significant development in the intermodal industry.

Thomas Albrecht

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas is responsible for product management and customer support at Survey Compass. The search for industry-wide solutions and customer satisfaction are his top priorities.

Development Team

Survey Compass has a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in supply chain management, logistics, and technology. Our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, including software engineers, product managers, supply chain experts, and customer support personnel. Together we focus on developing and maintaining our software solutions, providing customer support, and collaborating with our clients to understand their unique supply chain needs. We constantly work on staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies to continually enhance our offerings and deliver value to our customers.