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About Us

Survey Compass is a technology company that specializes in providing solutions for the global supply chain industry. We offer a range of software and digital platforms designed to streamline and optimize logistics operations, particularly in the containerized freight sector. Our solutions enable enhanced visibility, connectivity, and collaboration among various stakeholders, including shippers, shipping lines, leasing companies, freight forwarders, terminal operators and depots. Survey Compass’ goal is to improve efficiency, transparency, reduce costs, and enhance overall supply chain performance through innovative technology solutions.

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Years of Experience

Our strengths

Keep track of logistics processes

Trusted technology

Our data encryption, access controls, and regular audits ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

Reliable data

Our data collection from reliable sources provide a trusted and up-to-date foundation for analysis. Data can be retrieved and verified at any time to ensure accuracy.

Optimised communication

We use efficient communication channels that enable real-time collaboration, promote productivity, and facilitate information sharing.

Business Intelligence Tools

Our software solution enables your company gather the data it needs, analyze it, and present it to ensure informed decision making and meaningful insights are the result.

Real-time freight transportation and maintenance information.

Gathering transportation data and simultaneously linking maintenance needs leads to reduced downtime.

Experienced staff

Expertise and competence, our experienced staff has in-depth knowledge. Many years of experience in both the intermodal industry and software development form a solid foundation for professional cooperation.

Partners & Clients

A selection of our trusted clients and partners we have the pleasure to work with.